Best customer meeting ever

Best customer meeting ever! That's what just happened last week, as I presented a kitchen cabinet layout for customers who are removing most of their kitchen/dining room & living room interior walls. They are opening up the entire main floor area of their backsplit home and had asked me to design a totally new cabinet layout. The customers were a little anxious, as the drawings were presented with this fresh layout, but their cautious smiles soon became genuine enthusiasm, as they slowly absorbed the 3 dimesional proposal for their new main floor living area. Since my clients were first-time kitchen buyers, I thought that there would be a lot of back & forth with tweaking the drawings, but because we had spent extra time in discussion at the original meeting, my clients were able to communicate to me what they really wanted, and we nailed the drawings the first time. After allowing the customers to absorb it overnight, they emailed me the following day and said, "We are both very pleased. I don't believe we'll be making any major changes to the layout...please give us a quote on this design..."

It seems that the time that I invested on their initial drawing, was time well spent. The result was a very pleased it was good for them....and it was good for was a win-win!
Kevin K.